Thursday, 6 October 2016

OGR Invisible Cities

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  1. OGR 06/10/2016

    Hi Douy,

    I really like some of your more abstracted, expressive thumbnails from your various explorations of the cities - those early ones of Baucis for example. Nice to see some bold stylisation there. So, Argia - which I think is the hardest city of them all, because, historically, students choosing it tend to create one strong establishing shot, and the after that it's just 'more caves with lights' and then the interior is 'inside of cave with lights'. It takes some proper 'headwork' to stop Argia from descending into 'caves, more caves, and yet more caves' - especially in terms of the interior, which is often given very little thought at all. I've reviewed a couple of Argias already and left some advice and some references to highlight the 'pitfalls' of Argia, and also to highlight some expectations as to the role that 'real world' reference needs to play if Argia is going to be more than just 'brown'. Take a look and take the warnings on aboard. Argia requires its artist to be creative and a lateral thinker - best of luck, and I look forward to seeing new thumbnails as a result.