Saturday, 12 January 2019

Minor Project - Reflective Statement

Reflective statement
This project to me is one that I was not too excited about. This is due to the more technical aspect of setting up the character through skinning and rigging. With that said I tried to keep my enthusiasm about the overall film by focusing on the end product and the end of major.
For me, the most fun part of my minor project was the modeling. This is because it was very interesting to bring characters that I have designed in 2D and see how they fit within a 3D environment. I ran into the challenge of up scaling what is there in 2D and make it details of the characters look right in 3D but the results were very rewarding.
As I was working on bringing my character to 3D, on the side I continued to generate concept arts and I’m glad I did because now my vision of the final film is clearer than ever. The final product is not going to be a complete film but rather a trailer that could maybe possibly lead to something bigger.
The main disappointing factor of this project is that I was not able complete what I had set out to. This is due to my underestimation the time and effort that goes into the rigging process and this will result in more time out of my major project to set up all of my character before I can start animating.
Overall, somethings went okay whilst others didn’t goes as well I had hoped but there’s always more that could have been done. I’m excited to see where the project will end up at, at the end of Major Project.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Minor Project - Lava - Creating the Skin

Now with sub surface scattering and specular introduced  to the texture, the characters is looking more lively and 3 dimensional 

Minor Project - Lava - Texture Painting

Here I've painted in some shadows and highlights to give the texture more depth. Next I'm going to create skin texture using sub-surface scattering in Maya.